Bex And The City is a lifestyle blog written by a thirty-something, fun-seeking female, living in England’s fine but expensive Capital, London.  Whilst that description sounds like an advert in the lonely hearts section of the local newspaper (or if we are staying current with the times, the opening line of an online dating profile), Bex And The City is actually a blog about “how to live on a shoestring”; it is about Bex’s continuous quest for innovative ways to make the most of every penny she earns (and then spends).

Penny savers: make money go further

how to live on a shoestring, penny savers, make money go further, making money stretchTips and ideas to make everyday living that little bit easier and cheaper. From practical advice for running the home, to creative recycling of what may otherwise be regarded as rubbish; living on a budget can have its everyday rewards!


Socialise not prodigalize

restaurant offers london, london restaurant deals, free date ideas, dating on a budget, socialising on a budgetWhen the bank account looks depressing and payday is still weeks away, socialising with friends and loved ones need not be the first target on the hit list. Whether you are looking to dine out, planning a date night (both singles and couples), or you just fancy doing something a little bit different or quirky with a bunch of friends, it can all be done with limited pennies. Bex shows you how.

Budget chic

shoestring styles, budget chic,When you open the wardrobe and all you see is a row of tired, faded, over-worn garments, it can be hard to feel inspired to get up and go. However, fresh and stylish new outfits need not cost you one of the arms and legs that you intend to clothe. Bex seeks affordable new fashion on the high street, and creatively redefines the old with cunning adaptations.

Health and beauty

diy health and beauty, diy beauty tips, diy beauty product recipes, health and beauty, diy beauty recipes, healthy recipesBeauty lies within and Bex passes on her insider knowledge (as a Nutritional Therapist) to help you towards greater well-being with health tips and nutritious recipes to prepare when on a budget.

However, hair and make-up do add those finer finishing touches. Do not despair if your current blusher adds more of a sunburnt look than a hint of rose petal, or if your split ends haven’t seen a scissor since the summer of 2012. Bex has beauty tips to nourish those tired trestles and to rejuvenate any lackluster skin; from affordable brands and discount offers, to homemade lotions and potions.  Beautiful!

Home style

home style, budget interiorsWhilst we don’t believe that living on a budget means that you should stay home and avoid going out so as to consolidate the finances that you do have, your home should still be your haven and therefore a space which you feel comfortable and relaxed in, and also proud. Home interiors need not cost a bomb, and Bex helps show you how to create home comforts and interior chicness that doesn’t break the bank.

Days out, quids in

cheap things to do in london,Whatever the season, whatever the weather, London is a fantastic city to explore. One of the many great things is that there is so much you can do for free, or at very little expense. Bex uncovers secret excursions, reminds us of some of the obvious outings that longstanding Londoners can sometimes overlook, and offers fresh inspiration for new activities to try.

Giveaway getaways

weekends away england, cheap weekends away,Whilst most things in the south-east of England come with a hefty price-tag, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy weekends away, or that holidays can only be accommodated by a tent. Through her own endeavour to correct the holiday:work balance, Bex tries and tests getaways that do not leave your wallet (and consequently you too) housebound once you return.

Find out more about Bex here.

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