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Hello there, I am Bex and welcome to my blog, Bex And The City. BATC is a lifestyle blog about living on a limited budget in an expensive city; it is about making money stretch as far as I can to make sure my life is as fulfilling as I can possibly make it. It is about living on a shoestring and loving life.

The financial reality

Having to survive on a restricted amount of money each month is not usually a choice. If we were given the choice, I’m sure we would all rather be able to spend money on what we want and do exactly what we please, without having to worry about whether the bank balance can stretch that far. However, the reality is that for a lot of us, we have to make decisions about what we can afford to do and prioritise where our money will be targeted, which usually involves a decision about what things we are going to forfeit. Living on a budget really does make you appreciate the value of money, and whilst it leaves us thankful for the things that we can afford to do, it can also leave us resenting the fact that we weren’t able to do all of the things we would have liked to have done.

My situation

I have been in full-time work for over ten years now and whilst I have progressed professionally, my earnings have not grown as much as I would have liked. The cost of living is continually rising and it really does feel like you get less for each penny you earn. These factors combined mean that instead of enjoying more disposable income than I had ten years ago – which could mean the ability to have more holidays, go to nice restaurants, buy expensive clothing, eat organic foods – I actually have less money to spend each month on the things that I choose.

However, whilst I’ve always said that having money gives you greater choice, I refuse to let my life be dictated by the amount of money I have (or more appropriately, the money that I don’t have).

Bex And The City

Just because I have to keep track of the amount I am spending, I draw up a detailed planned budget at the beginning of every month listing my expected outgoings for both business (rent, bills, food) and pleasure (nights out, clothes, trips away), and by the end of the month (or sometimes earlier), my bank account looks completely decimated, doesn’t mean that I have accepted a life of half pleasures.

Making money stretch

I still enjoy socialising with my friends, I enjoy going out for dinner, I like to feel good in what I am wearing, I want to take good care of myself both health and beauty wise, I like excursions and different daytime activities, and I need to have a holiday each year both for enjoyment and to retain my sanity! All of these things are prominent features in my life and this blog is about how I enjoy each area of my life and make it possible to do on a budget.

It is my pleasure to share this blog with you.

Here’s to living life on a shoestring to the full!

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For further information about the ways in which Bex can help you to live on a budget, check out the BATC page.

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