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diy health and beauty, diy beauty tips, diy beauty product recipes, health and beauty, diy beauty recipes, healthy recipesWe only have to turn on the TV to be bombarded by advertisements using state of the art technology, trying to sell us the latest fad beauty product, endorsed by a popular, young and beautiful celebrity. All of these factors mean that manufacturers seem to think they can charge a premium for these products, many of which could actually contain ingredients that can have potentially detrimental effects on our bodies. This is where we talk DIY health and beauty.

With close links to the nutrition and health industry, Bex And The City is always keen to help others optimise their health through holistic, natural methods. DIY health and beauty from BATC includes a budgetary element so that we can bring you nutritious recipes that can be prepared at low cost, recipes for DIY beauty products that can help nourish your body, and health tips and advice to help you get the most out of your body, but without it taking the most out of your wallet.

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One thought on “Health and Beauty

  1. Angelique

    Hi Becky,

    I like the name of your website! It gives you an instant idea of what to expect and as a ’30 (ish..) big city woman myself’ I just HAD to go trough your content :)

    The lay out is very appealing and the posts are really fun to read.

    Can’t wait to read more !

    Have a nice day

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