Penny Savers

how to live on a shoestring, penny savers, make money go further, making money stretchPenny savers can very quickly and easily translate to pound savers. Often, money can be saved by keeping note of all your typical outgoings within a month, and then trying to take a step back to look at each spend individually, to think about ways in which you could approach this particular expense differently. Here at Bex And The City, we don’t believe that living on a restricted budget means you have to sacrifice spending on the fun things. If you can eke back some money from the unavoidable living and everyday costs, it can free up finance to enable you to treat yourself to some ‘non-essentials’, such as a new outfit, and to do some fun stuff (in the new outfit). This is where the penny savers can really make a difference. Sounds simple, in theory, but from my own experience of trying to cut back on my spending, I know it is not always easy to do.

However, spending less need not be quite as painful as those words imply. Bex And The City brings you ways to save money on everyday living expenses and the practical things in life, that are easy to incorporate into even busy lifestyles, meaning you can start reaping and appreciating these penny savers from the moment you give them a go.

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