restaurant offers london, london restaurant deals, free date ideas, dating on a budget, socialising on a budgetWhen you look at your bank balance and despair at the number of days that this meagre amount of cash has to last you, there is no need to punish yourself further by assuming that socialising has to go out of the window. Socialising on a budget is possible, and not only that, socialising on a budget can be just as fun, can open your eyes to unique ways of interacting with your friends and loved ones, and can increase your popularity because those within your social circles find themselves with spare change at the end of the night! Everyone’s a winner!

The key is to initiate social events that still include all of the key factors that would make a night out good when on a regular budget. This will of course include friends/loved ones, this may also involve food, drink, an activity, or a team or competition element. Social occasions can include all of the above when planning on a budget, and Bex And The City is here to offer you some ideas and tips to ensure that your diary is never empty, regardless of the state of your bank balance.

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