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Margot is a beautiful, rosy cheeked, mischievous young woman, evidently adored by her husband, Lou, and his family. The home she shares with her culinary skilled husband is as colourful and unique as the relationship they have. Their lives are characterised by a lack of uniformity, both in their endeavours to pursue their chosen careers as a writer (of obscure tourist attractions) and published (chicken) chef, and in the wonderfully childlike interactions they have with one another. From their relentless cuttingly phrased endearments of “I love you”, to the ongoing pranks meant to go undiscovered for the duration of their lifetime together, upon initial observations, you kind of want to be that couple.

Take This Waltz Movie ReviewIn true predictability, there is a third person to this love story. The gorgeous, single, free-spirited Daniel is snared by Margot’s playful public antics and then coincidentally moves to a bedsit on the same street. What ensues is a personal battle for Margot to instil the desires aroused by Daniel’s arrival, into her marriage.

[SPOILER ALERT: stop reading if you have not yet seen the film!]

Cheesiness aside, I found the characters depicted in this story to be true representations of both myself and people I have known. Margot has a deep love for someone whom she shares the same sense of humour and with whom she has created a history which feels near impossible to overthrow, but who simultaneously appears to be secondary to their partner’s ultimate goal or chosen path. Margot forgoes her sexual desires and when confronting these with her husband, is dismissed, belittled, and almost ridiculed for making such a proclamation. Lou, whose gags and his claimed undying love for Margot, would be an easy character to love, but his stereotypical approach to long-term marital relations evoked a distinct unpleasant aftertaste for me. Complacency and a lack of appreciation in the other person’s values and qualities was exposed in its most poignant form, for me, on their anniversary dinner when Lou affirms, “we live together, what else do we have to say to each other?”

The character of Daniel, the catalyst for the realisation of Margot’s conflict, functions essentially to demonstrate how someone with very little material offering can offer what is fundamentally required to actually make a person – who otherwise “has it all” – happy. In my opinion, this portrayed how fragile human relationships can be as we witness Margot almost shaping her later relationship with him into that of the one she had with her husband, but with the addition of mutual sexual desire.

This apparent “gap” was wonderfully illustrated in one of the film’s closing scenes, when Lou’s alcoholic sister falls off the wagon. It perfectly captured the two sides of the coin and highlighted what I felt was the underlying question this film sought its viewers to consider:

Do we settle for the fact that we may have urges or needs that are not always satisfied, and that we should fight against submission to? Or, do we allow ourselves the freedom to appease these cravings, which some might deem rapacious, and which may involve difficult decisions and hurtful or damaging consequences?

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8 thoughts on “Take This Waltz Movie Review

  1. Linda

    Dear, BEX. This was a great review, and I would love to see the movie.
    Also like the questions it rises.
    Great blog, and I like the name of it :-)

    All the best!
    I will be back.

    Live, Laugh, Love
    Linda :-)

  2. Emily

    hi Bex!
    Where was I and how come I have never heard of this wonderful movie! Now I want to see it now :) I can soooo relate to this story. I have my Daniel who is now my partner. I left the quiet same old same old life behind. It was not for me. But having a Daniel certainly has its ups and downs. Passion is great but it can also be destructive. It can be awesome but it can also be heartbreaking. I have not found the balance yet but working on it!

    1. bex Post author

      Hi Emily

      Great to hear from you and how you can relate to the characters in the film. I agree with you that passion is great but it can be consuming and for some, this can be damaging to all involved. Relationships are certainly an act of balancing the needs and desires of those involved, and in my opinion, require continuous consideration to ensure complacency doesn’t set it, which is what happened with Margot and Lou in this film. Thanks again for your comment.


  3. Kelen

    Thanks Bex, for the awesome review!
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted too see the movie, before coming across this review. But after reading through your thorough review of the movie… I was able to see that I would be able to relate well to the characters and that I would really enjoy the film!

    Thanks again, for this amazing review!

    1. bex Post author

      Thanks so much for reading and I can thoroughly recommend watching the movie and would look forward to any future discussion about it if you do! Bex

  4. Oz

    Thanks for the review. I have never seen or heard of this movie but now I am tempted to check it out! I live in Japan and unfortunately a lot of good movies don’t make it over here. Unless Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or Bradd Pitt is involved or a super hero of some sorts is about to save the world like Avengers, we won’t get it in theatres. Maybe on DVD someday.
    Even though I am a guy I am into these romantic comedy and drama type films so if I can I’m gonna try to watch this streaming it on the Internet (shh…don’t tell anyone). Lol. Anyway, thanks for the post. I learned something new today.

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